It will take this life of regret, for my heart to learn to forget. If right is leaving then I’d rather be wrong. Because she is the healing and I am the pain. She lives in a daydream where I don’t belong, but she is the sunlight and the sun is gone.
18 4月: 2日前 | 70
I try to beat the destiny that has already been decided, but I know it won’t work. “I really love you,” from the bottom of my heart. Every time I meet you, I want to confess my feelings. With words I’ve been waiting for such a long time and although we can’t be together till the end, please remember, even if I lose everything, “I love you.”
11 4月: 1週間前 | 44
That position, that you deemed unimportant took me three years. For me to be able to do something, as easilty as to breathe again.. It took me a good three years to get there. and it makes me feel that someone like me can still be useful.
6 4月: 2週間前 | 74
I thought my feeling were gone, but i’m lying on my bed thinking of you agian. I saw you with him, didn’t think you would find another ..and maybe I haven’t moved on since that night; As the sky outside gets brighter I’m slowly drowning, the memories of him and my heart begins to shatter, I’m left to wonder how it should have been.
4 4月: 2週間前 | 29
There’s someone who keeps coming into my sight. I keep noticing whatever she does. I’m curious as to wherever she goes. When that person smiles, I feel at ease. When that person is sad, I get worried. I want to go and make her laugh. I fall asleep thinking about that person, and when I open my eyes in the morning, she’s the first person I think of. That person is you.. It’s you, Ae Ra.
28 3月: 3週間前 | 90
After making my daughter suffer so much, you’re living well all by yourself. After you broke up with Ae Ra did your life work out smoothly? After our Ae Ra divorced you, she lived not knowing whether it was day or night to pay off all the debts. A girl without education; she took over the household for 4 years from the beginning… Wouldn’t it be weird to not have debts? 
27 3月: 3週間前 | 59